LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Office for National Statistics said on Thursday it will make changes to the way it publishes some of its economic data, which will mean that separate measures of output in the economy will be released together.


From January 2017, the ONS will start to publish data on construction, industrial production, trade and possibly services on the same day.


"This will allow (the) ONS to present a more coherent and consistent picture of UK economic activity, thereby better supporting public discussion about the UK economy," it said in a statement.


Under the new schedule, the release of construction output will be brought forward by between one and seven days while the publication of trade data will either be unchanged or brought forward or delayed by one day.


The ONS said it was still considering whether to release data on the services sector alongside the construction, industrial production and trade figures or whether to keep it on the same day as balance of payments.

(Reporting by Ana Nicolaci da Costa Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)