Re: Combining GST, PST tough sell:?Premier (Aug. 19)

I am hopping mad about the proposed harmonized sales tax (HST). In particular, I would like to comment on Premier Dalton McGinty’s flat-out rejection of the suggestion that the harmonized tax might be an easier sell if Queen’s Park reduced the provincial tax: “Can’t afford it — it’s as simple as that.”

Well, Ontarians are simply taxed from paying so much tax! Are we asked if we can afford it? I know I haven’t been asked, and I also know I can’t afford it.

This is just another ploy to help businesses in Ontario at the expense of individuals. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce believes “a fully blended system would cost consumers approximately $905 million in additional sales taxes per year, while the GST and PST bill for companies would fall by $1.6 billion annually.” So wouldn’t the province actually lose money with the HST?

Ontarians need to pull together and speak out against the proposed HST.

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