Ontario shoppers will pay more for their televisions, computers and electronic gadgets under a new $62-million recycling plan commissioned by the province and going up for approval before the environment minister today.
The five-year plan would see the number of places Ontarians can recycle their old electronics increase from the current 167 sites to 655, more than tripling the amount being diverted from landfill to 75,300 tonnes, The Canadian Press has learned.
Glenda Gies, executive director of Waste Diversion Ontario, which drew up the plan, said the program will boost electronic recycling rates in Ontario from 27 per cent now to more than 60 per cent in its fifth year.
People have been crying out for such a program, refusing to put their old televisions and computers on the curb and choosing to stockpile them in basements and garages instead, she said.
The entire cost of the program is being borne by those who manufacture, import and assemble electronics —adding between 32 cents and $13 to the cost of products.

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