The Ontario Association of Food Banks says there's been a record
increase in the number of people turning to food banks in the province
since last fall.

The group says the economic downturn has made
this its most difficult year, with the number of people served reaching
historic highs.

There's been a 19 per cent spike in the number
of people turning to food banks since last year - compared with an
increase of 11 per cent in 2008 and 10 per cent during the 90s


In all, the association says 375,000 Ontario
residents use food banks each month, even though one third of people in
those households are employed.

Many food banks have not been
able to meet the increased demand, with one in four reducing the amount
of food distributed in their hampers.

The group is calling on
the province to review its social assistance rules and create a farm
donation tax credit for producers who support local food banks.

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