After decades of campaigning for professional equity in public accounting, the Certified General Accountants of Ontario has been granted the authority to license CGAs as public accounting — a historical milestone in the province of Ontario bringing about more choice for businesses, accounting and finance professionals and students.


“Our authorization to issue public accounting licences speaks to the professional expertise and skill that CGAs bring to their work in all sectors of the economy and to the rigour of the professional requirements that they must meet,” said Doug Brooks, FCGA, CGA Ontario’s chief executive officer.


Twenty thousand CGAs work in every sector of the Ontario economy — from academia to business, commerce, government and not-for-profits. Public accounting is just one field in the accounting profession but, arguably, it is also the most visible to the business community and to the public.


“We’re proud of this tremendous accomplishment,” says the chair of CGA Ontario’s board of directors, Frank Mensink, FCGA. “The fact that CGAs are now entitled to fully practise in whatever segment of the profession they choose is a significant moment in our history, one that will benefit the province of Ontario.”

Aspiring accounting and finance professionals and students in the CGA program of professional studies can now pursue a career in professional practice with the knowledge that they can offer a full range of public accounting services to their clientele.

“The Association has worked hard to bring reforms to the regulation of public accounting in Ontario that are in the public interest. This is a positive and welcome development for the public, the business community and the accounting profession,” said Terry LeBlanc, chair of CGA Canada.

CGA Ontario is now the only other accounting body in Ontario authorized to license its members to practise public accounting. The Association continues to build on its strengths and to explore new opportunities for CGAs, while working with the other accounting bodies on public policy and standard setting, both nationally and internationally.

The CGA’s ‘Do More’ designation
The Certified General Accountants of Ontario has launched its ‘Do More’ recruitment website reaching out to post secondary school students in Ontario who are considering a career in accounting and finance.

The objective of this interactive website, developed by GRIP Limited, is to deliver a “Do More” message that the CGA designation enables people with the opportunity to do more with their careers and within the organizations that they work for. It features unscripted testimonials from students in the CGA program of professional studies defining the benefits of becoming a certified general accountant and all that the designation brings to their life, career and profession.

With $41,840 worth of giveaway prizes, the new website offers monthly prizes of $2,500 scholarships, three Do More credits valued at $660 each and two additional credits of $375, for a period of eight months, for the CGA program of professional studies. The more visitors participate, the more chances they have to win.

“We are very excited to present this website to students in response to their need for more information about the CGA designation and why it could be the right choice for them. The content speaks to what a certified general accountant does, the benefits of earning the CGA designation, and how to enrol in the program of studies,” said Delmarie Scherloski, vice-president, marketing and communications, CGA Ontario. “If you want a rewarding career in accounting that goes beyond audit and tax, the CGA designation can take you there.”