The classic opera Carmen is hardly something that you’d think of as fodder for a 3-D movie (especially when it doesn’t star Nicholas Cage), but next week the unlikely Carmen 3-D hits theatres nonetheless. The film is a 3-D recording of a live performance of Francesca Zambella’s much loved 2006 production from


British director Julian Napier, who has been experimenting with digital 3-D for a decade. For Napier, the goal wasn’t to adapt the production to suit his needs, but to use new technology to present a masterful rendition of Carmen to audiences worldwide.


“I was trying to find a way to translate what was already there into a new medium,” Napier told Metro.


“Zambella’s original production was fantastic and the reason we picked it was because it was already so cinematic and epic. I really didn’t see it as my duty or place to go in and tamper with a wonderful production, so any minor tweaks I made were purely for the camera.”