Emergency service providers in the capital region are prepared to handle any major emergency after officially launching a 13-organization program yesterday that co-ordinates local disaster response.

Operation Intersect is “about sharing information” among emergency response agencies to increase public safety after a major event, such as a terrorist threat or a natural disaster, Ottawa Police Deputy Chief Sue O’Sullivan said at a technical briefing for the program at city hall.

“Effective information sharing is the pillar of Operation Intersect,” O’Sullivan said. “Operation Intersect is not intended to replace old roles but enhance the relationship.”


But in addition to disasters, the program is designed to co-ordinate support for more routine events the capital hosts, Canada Day, G-8 summits and North American summits, said O’Sullivan.

The partnership will be especially useful in an area that covers two provinces and multiple languages, said RCMP Chief Superintendent Dan Killam.
“It’s like turbo-charging our ability.”

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