As the dawning of a new age in social networking begins, the brainchild of an Edmonton techno-guru attempts to answer an age-old question: Which is better? is in its infancy, but 27-year-old creator Ryan Leland says initial response has been overwhelming.

“I wanted to figure out a way to calculate compatibility between users,” he said. “I realized that this was the most efficient way.”

Users weigh in on topics about anything and everything, comparing Edmonton to Calgary, Power Rangers to Ninja Turtles, and “never-ending winter” to “moving somewhere better.”

Traditional norms for social networking sites don’t really apply for you-vs-me, Leland said, adding many connections have been forged by locals who’ve never met in real life.

“It’s creating relationships through sharing opinions,” he said.

Not to outdo existing, massive online communities, you-vs-me creates interconnectivity between itself and sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Since the beta site was launched on March 8, the homepage has clocked over 40,000 views, with most members calling Edmonton home.

Free-for-all registration won’t begin until mid-April. The first 50 users to use the signup code “metro” will be provided full access to good-natured battles royale, Leland said.