Certain roads have high numbers for injuries, fatalities

If you are driving on Highway 401 between Whites Road and Courtice Road around Whitby, you have a greater chance of being involved in a car accident than at any other highway location in the province, according to Ontario Provincial Police data obtained by the Toronto Star.


And if you’re travelling on that 32-kilometre stretch between 6 and 9 a.m., or between 2 and 7 p.m., your chances are even higher.


But the likelihood of being killed in an accident is higher on Highway 48 between Bloomington Road and Smith Boulevard, because the north-south route has only one lane in each direction. Motorists have died trying to pass on the highway. Last year, four people were killed on that 24.9-kilometre stretch, making it one of the most deadly in the province.


Of the fatal collisions reported by the Aurora/Barrie OPP detachment in 2006, 67 per cent occurred on Highway 48; the hotspot accounts for 59 per cent of the fatal collisions on the highway.

Each of the eight OPP detachments in the Greater Toronto Area has put together a list of accident hotspots on provincial highways.

It’s part of a drive by the OPP to report monthly traffic results so both police and the public will be aware of the most dangerous places to drive.

Did you know?

  • Surprisingly, the chance of dying in an accident is higher in summer, not winter, when blizzards can create havoc.