B.C.’s Solicitor and Attorney generals are in Ottawa on Thursday seeking federal support for criminal code amendments they say will cut down on the gang violence plaguing the Lower Mainland.

"There hasn't been a major review of bail provisions for over 30 years,” said Attorney General Wally Oppal. “It’s time the Criminal Code was changed to reflect the serious threat gang activity presents to the public's safety."

Oppal said one solution is to keep gang members off the streets while they’re awaiting trial so they can’t endanger the public or engage in any other criminal activities.


Solicitor General John van Dongen added that 2-for-1 credit for time spent in jail awaiting trial needs to be eliminated, particularly for violent offenders and people that breach bail.

The ministers will be discussing the need for more police and prosecutorial resources and simplifying evidence disclosure requirements to expedite prosecution.

They’re also looking at reintroducing federal bills to help detain violent youth and introduce mandatory minimum sentences for serious drug offences.

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