This summer, why not work as part of a hot-air balloon ground crew in France, lead outdoor treks for kids in the
American Rockies or run the check-in counter at a hostel in Mongolia?


Exciting summer opportunities abound for adventurous students and young adults
looking to immerse themselves in a new culture while earning money in a foreign

Most major universities and colleges offer counselling and
assistance in finding both short-term and long-term work abroad, so find out
what resources your school offers. For example, the University
of Calgary, Queen's University, the University of British

Columbia and the University of Toronto all run information
sites for students interested in working abroad to find out about visa requirements,
job opportunities and links to employers and job boards in various countries.

For students looking for outside help, the Canadian
Federation of Students runs Student Work Aborad Program, a program that helps
students find and transition into summer jobs abroad. SWAP partners with Travel
Cuts to arrange airfare and insurance and take care of visa documents. They
also offer a myriad of resources to help you pick not only the right job, but
the right destination.

"We're like a big brother or big sister overseas. We
don't just want you to work, we want you to travel and absorb some of the local
culture. After all, you can work any place in the world, but what matters is
the people you meet and the experiences you have when you get there," said
Libby Law, deputy director of SWAP.

SWAP sends nearly 3,000 adventurous Canadians every year
around the world for short-term and summer job programs to places in Asia,
Europe, South America, the U.S.,
New Zealand and Australia. SWAP
applies on your behalf to get a working visa, offers pre-departure counselling
and an orientation seminar when you land to help you find work, set up a bank
account and get up to speed on the customs and quirks of the particular country
you're in. While some people do manage to secure a job abroad before flying
out, Law says — just like any other job — most find it's a lot easier to secure
work in-person once they've arrived.

"The majority of participants work it out when they get
there," Law said.

Another great online resource for summer jobs around
the world is at,
which lists links to hundreds of summer jobs along with study, volunteer,
travel and living opportunities around the world. Sites like
also specialize in short-term and summer job opportunities, so follow your
mouse and dig around to find your perfect summer job.

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