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Airplane seats can be pretty tight. With limited legroom and tiny arm rests that barely fit our elbows, we tend to keep to ourselves on a flight, usually curled up trying to take up the least amount of space possible.


For one Oregon couple, however, the tight fit did not stop them from getting intimate. The couple was caught engaging in oral sex on a flight from Oregon to Nevada. Maybe they thought that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" applies in airspace as well.


The Smoke Gun writes that Jessica Stroble and Christopher Martin were on the 90-minute flight when Stroble went down on Martin. The couple is now facing 90 days in jail on federal charges of “lewd, indecent and obscene acts on an airplane.”


A passenger sitting across from the couple that apparently couldn’t wait to get it on writes that they witnessed Stroble “perform oral sex and manually stimulate the genitalia of a male passenger sitting in the window seat next to her.” Once she was done, Stroble “wiped off her mouth while the male put his penis back inside his pants.”

The story doesn’t end there. Allegedly after drink service, Martin put “his hand on the back of the female’s neck and ‘was in his own world.’” Passengers told FBI agents that Martin then “pulled the female’s shirt down and began kissing the female’s exposed breasts.”

A flight attendant finally asked the couple to stop. Stroble told The Smoking Gun she was unaware charges had been filed against them and that she has no contact information for Martin.

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