What’s orange with a crazy bouffant and sings a catchy tune?

You’d probably say an “Oompa Loompa,” but you’d be wrong. The correct answer is Tom Jones and a whole host of saffron-skinned friends.

But why are all the old timers topping up their tan from a can?

Perhaps orange skin is a status symbol in some circles. Or maybe, while everything else is fading — looks, hair and yes, sexual prowess — their face becomes that last bastion of virility.

We’ll never know. But here are the fake tan’s biggest fans.

The couturier glow

Valentino Garavani shows off his best impression of an Eighties don.

While Giorgio Armani with his leather–like complexion and nipple clinging tee looks like the kind of guy who’d spot you on a gym workout, no?

Rockhard and bronzed

These days the music world’s most iconic gyrating, rock stars are more like singing raisins. Take a look at the radioactive glow emanating from Iggy Pop and Tom Jones. Yep, the one-time sex bombs may not be able to muster a body-pop but boy do their faces add a colour pop worthy of the spring/summer ’11 runways.

Businessmen bringing citrus back

These two have got plenty to be red in the face about. Perhaps that’s why old ‘bunga bunga’ Berlusconi and ‘The Donald’ favour a tangerine disguise. Only the brightest orange will do for theworld’s classiest acts.

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