With a little Photoshop magic, Kayla Eby of Seaside, Oregon, showed the world that she's an animal lover with a heart of gold — and a devious funny bone.

Eby texted her husband, Justin, earlier this weekto tell him that she found a “cute little dog” outside their home and that she was bring him inside because he seemed cold.

She then sent Justin a picture of what is clearly a coyote sitting on the couch next to the couple’s young son, Olly.

Hilarity ensues as Kayla tells Justin, who is rightfully freaking out, that the animal she and Olly named Spot is now “making this weird noise and kinda pacing.”


“I’d hate to see you or own (sic)son attacked by a COYOTE if you’re being serious about him pacing right now,” Justin frantically types. “Take Olly and go into our room and close the door. I’m on my way.”

The jig is up after Kayla texts a photo of three other coyotes she says are out in the yard looking for Spot, who she says is now howling, but Justin notices immediately the photo is not of their backyard.

Kayla soon after tells Justin that the whole thing was a gag using Photoshop, and the text exchange comes to an end with Justin telling his wife he hates her.

See the couple’s entire exchange below. Warning: It does contain (a lot of) adult language.

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