All year long, families are faced with the collective challenge of balancing family life with the strict routine of school and parents’ work schedules. The best way to make this daily ballet feel like a breeze is to get organized, keep everything in its place and involve everyone in creating an efficient routine.

Busy families can save time, tension and arguments by labelling most of their kids’ belongings. Stick names on school clothing and supplies, sports equipment and favourite toys, and it can go as far as their favourite cereal bowl, their toothbrush, etc.

Once you’ve gathered everything that needs a label, let the kids be in charge of this project — it’s a great way to get them involved. A good electronic labeller is a must-have for the organized crew. Brother pioneered electronic labelling more than 20 years ago and today offers its P-touch models at most office retailers and online at

Get everything in order by dedicating a storage space for each member of the family: From labelling shelves to drawers in the entrance closet. Plus, by labelling virtually everything, you can prevent mix ups or lost belongings; no more searching through the lost and found, and no more money spent replacing items.

Every morning is a race against the clock. Save precious time by labelling names on lunch boxes, food containers, juice bottles, cutlery, etc. Clearly identified containers also prevent allergy mix-ups at school. This also allows you to easily scan for one’s lunch in the fridge and to stuff lunch boxes in a snap.

“Our P-touch labellers are ideal for busy families because they work on clothing, camping and outdoor gear, gardening, workshop and garage items, and so on,” says Brian Caldwell, Senior Product Manager at Brother Canada.

Countries have capitals, corporations have headquarters and families have their kitchen. To keep up with busy families, the kitchen must be the most organized room in the house.

Optimizing storage space is the best way to get the most out of your kitchen. Design your kitchen storage taking into account its multiple uses, taking advantage of vertical and hard to reach shelves and corners. Items can be stored on hooks behind doors and on walls, and Lazy Susans turn dead areas into extra storage space. Group similar items together in containers and label them so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

By making the most out of the house, you'll create order in the busiest home and spend less time organizing and more time enjoying your family.

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