Q: Jill, I have tried many of the tips on self- and product promotion you’ve mentioned before and they’ve actually worked!

I’ve been an artist for several years now (painter and sculptor of Transcending The Mundane) and I just wanted to know if you had any more useful tips on marketing and promotion for those of us in the arts. I look forward to your thoughts. Keep up the good work in sharing your expertise with others.



A: Hey there, Claire. I’m thrilled to hear that some of my tips have worked! I’m not quite sure which ones you’ve seen, so I thought I’d throw you a couple more resources just in case you’ve overlooked them.


The Toronto Arts Council,www.torontoartscouncil.org, is an organization you must be familiar with. It offers grants programs to the city’s arts organizations and professional artists.


Once supported by the TAC, there’s no telling where your talents can go. Receiving support from the TAC (or the Ontario Arts Council, for that matter) affords you definite bragging rights in the industry as one to watch.

Also make connections with the Cultural Human Resources Council,www.cultureworks.ca. The CHRC acts as a resource for training and career development for cultural workers like artists, creators and those self-employed within the arts disciplines.

These organizations will also provide you with endless networking opportunities where you can also connect with fellow artists and arts professionals who might be of assistance.

If you’ve come to the stage where you’re considering a publicist to help you promote your work I’d recommend doing your research first. Visitwww.redtoronto.comkeyword: Public Relations to get a comprehensive list of local publicists. It’s crucial to hire a publicist who is familiar with your industry and its demands.

Should money be an issue, I’d also recommend tapping into talent at the college or university level.

You might be able to connect with a PR student who can assist you as part of their practicum requirements. Good luck, and do let me know of your upcoming openings and exhibits.

Jill Andrew — CYW, BA, BA (Hons.), BEd. Please include your full name, address and telephone number when e-mailing. All letters are subject to publication.


jill’s tip of the week

  • If you’re helping a friend assemble the perfect outfit for a job interview, don’t lie and tell them they look great if you think they don’t. An ill-fitting suit, an inappropriate hemline or garish accessories will only make them appear unprofessional and unprepared for the interview. Dress to impress, but not to excess!