Tackling projects is easier when you’re recharged

Even taking one day of R&R can have tremendous benefits. I happened to escape reality for a whole week during this holiday season and, wow, do I feel regenerated.

As I sat by the beach, soaking up the rays on my padded lounge chair, I realized there is really something to be said for savouring those special moments. We are all so busy with our list of tasks that we rarely take the time to slow down and just relax.

When life becomes messy and you are overwhelmed with its prospects, then that, my friends, is the perfect time to step back and regroup. And if that means a vacation or a hot bath with lit candles, do it.


Unfortunately, guilt often seems to be a factor when it comes to taking time for oneself. So the next time you find guilt is preventing you from recharging your batteries, remember this — being good to yourself builds up your stamina and gives you the confidence to tackle most things.

It’s very difficult to attempt to solve problems when your body and soul need nourishing.

Thankfully, the new year is inspiration enough for people to get into gear and make balance and order a priority. Happy to say, many of our readers put organizing on the top of their list of new year’s resolutions.

In 2007, my team at Organized Zone Inc. proudly helped de-clutter, consulted, revamped, reclaimed, moved and organized more than 100 homes and offices. This was achieved with dedication, knowledge, experience, focus, planning, positive attitude and determination. So if what you need is an organizational intervention, call in the professionals and get some advice.

I challenge all Metro readers and beyond who want to become organized to use January as the month to finally turn it into a reality. Send me an e-mail (metro@organizedzone.com) with your organizing successes and failures and if you are brave enough we will feature your story in a future column.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Brenda Borenstein is your professional organizing guru. Look for her column every second Thursday. For more, visit www.organizedzone.comor call 416-665-2165. “There is nothing I haven’t seen and nothing that can’t be overcome.”

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