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Other things about Barack Obama that did not create jobs

What will that mischievous scamp do next?

In case you were wondering, this screen shot comes courtesy of Fox News' coverage of Obama's birthday party yesterday. Who else?

(Incidentally, this is also the quickest turnaround between an Onion story being published and it actually coming true; "Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition" went up yesterday.)

But Metro is nothing if not helpful to our media compatriots, so we're going to help Fox News out a bit and pitch some future headlines. What else about Barack Obama did not create jobs?

--His friendship with Henry Louis Gates.

--His first name, which comes from Kenya.

--His middle name, which is Hussein if you didn't know.

--His genetic susceptibility to sickle-cell anemia.

--That one time he invited Common to the White House.

--The fact that he was born in Hawaii, which isn't even a real state really.

--The one time he "brushed dirt off his shoulder."

--His skin color, which is black.

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