OTTAWA - Ottawa's city councillors have voted unanimously to reverse the age limitations placed on student bus passes, after students protested the move.

Post-secondary students in Ottawa had demanded the city reverse the new policy that limited the discounted transit passes to students aged 27 or younger.

Councillors said $200,000 in savings would be gained by implementing the age limit when they passed the cap as part of the city's budget.

But since its implementation in July, students have been vocally opposed to the age cap and have collected thousands of petition signatures against it.

Last week, students successfully lobbied Ottawa's Transit Committee to recommend reversing the decision.

Council voted for the reversal this morning.

“I'm grateful that city councillors have recognized that a student is a student no matter what their age,” said Erik Halliwell, president of the Carleton University Students Association.

“It is encouraging to see city council admit that they made a mistake and correct it.”

Previously, all full time students were eligible for a student pass, which saved them $19.50 every month, or almost $240 over the course of a year.