The Ottawa Humane Society is hoping the holiday spirit will inspire Ottawa residents to adopt homeless dogs rescued from Nunavut, like Anikulu, a four-month-old Alaskan malamute puppy.


Once a week, Canadian Northern Airlines flies these dogs in free of charge from Iqaluit, which suffers from severe dog overpopulation. Many of the animals would otherwise starve to death or be shot.


The OHS is chronically short of space, though, and can only make so much room for the dogs, said communications manager Mandy Chepeka.


“We see more animals than we have space for,” she said. “We see over 11,000 animals a year in a space designed for a fraction of that.”

Construction is underway on the society’s new, larger home on West Hunt Club Road, she said, and they should move in this May.

While 82 per cent of the funds for their new headquarters have been raised, donations are still needed