The provincial and federal governments announced Friday that together they will contribute $30 million to complete the twinning of Highway 125 from Sydney River to Grand Lake Road.

Federal Transport Minister John Baird and Deputy Premier Frank Corbett made the announcement in Halifax, along with $4.5 million in infrastructure spending on the Hume River bridge near Wagmatcook, and another $14 million for the East River bridge in Sheet Harbour.

Spending on the twinning of Highway 125 will be split evenly among the two levels of government.


The provincial funds of up to $15.3 million will be matched by Ottawa through its Building Canada Fund — the stimulus strategy implemented earlier this year by the Conservative government to combat the recession.

A date to begin construction wasn’t made public Friday.

Corbett said twinning the highway has been at the top of the province’s infrastructure priority list.

“The (Highway) 125, as it relates to volume and to safety, has been a priority for our government and I would daresay the previous government, because there was a fair amount of accidents and fatalities on that road,” he said.

The funding is conditional on the projects meeting federal funding requirements and on the province signing contribution agreements with Ottawa.

But despite that caveat, Corbett said the cash committed by the federal government Friday is “solid money.”

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