Don't mess with the feds: Joe and Teresa Giudice learned that the hard way.


Now this hurts: "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice may not be doing real hard time but she’ll be paying -- big time -- for the bankruptcy and mail fraud she and husband Joe copped to a year ago.


The Bravo reality star has reportedly signed a deal with the feds to give them a mix of property and cash as restitution for their crimes.


As part of the deal, says she must :


Give up her 2005 Maserati.


Relinquish a portion of her Bravo pay.


Let the feds sell off furnishings inside her Montville Township mansion.

Hand over 50 percent of rental income for a home owned in Lincoln Park, NJ.

The total debt she owes is $414,588, according to, which says the deal was finalized in Newark federal court Friday.

She started a 15-month sentence last fall and is in prison in Danbury, Ct.

Joe Giudice will begin a 41-month sentence when she gets out; they asked the feds to accommodate them that because of their kids.