Forgetting lyrics to a song like Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man is something eliminated American Idol competitor Jason Castro won’t ever forget.

And after the fumble he made this week singing the song, it’s a wonder Castro isn’t being hard on himself. But during a conference call with journalists, Castro seemed very much at ease.

“I was ready to go either way, whatever they gave me. And when they gave me that … I just felt really relieved, like the pressure was off,” said Castro, 20, from Rockwall, Tex.

“You know, I loved my time on there, and I would have liked to go farther, but I don’t think I could’ve handled it, you know, so I’m content.”

One reporter told the former Top 4 contestant that judge Simon Cowell had said he thought Castro forgot the words on purpose because he was ready to go home.

“I definitely did not do that on purpose,” Castro said. “It just came down to my inexperience.”

But Castro’s not going home just yet. Next week, he said he’s going to New York with his fellow competitors, attending the finale and then getting ready for the American Idol tour.