Comedian Mary Walsh does the honours at the Pride Gala.


Pride asst. executive director Jeff Zoeller and Pride co-chair Lenore MacAdam at the Pride Gala.

Unstoppable honouree Nina Arsenault at the Pride Gala.

Shoe tycoon Ron White with Fashion File host Adrian Mainella at the Pride Gala.

Award winner boxer Savoy Howe at the Pride Gala.

CTV reporters Austin Delaney and Monica Matys at the Pride Gala

Woody’s managers Steven Clegg (l) and Dean Odorico at the Pride Gala.

Pride executive director Fatima Amarshi at the Pride Gala

From left, entrepreneur Robin Perry, news anchor Leslie Roberts and businessperson Barbara Hackett at the Pride Gala.

Councillor Adam Giambrone, Martha Hall Finley and Fashion File producer Réjean Beaudin at the Pride Gala.

From left, MP Bill Graham, MPP George Smitherman, Metro columnist Enza Supermodel and Premier Dalton McGuinty

Working the corner Kristyn Wong-Tam.

Taking Pride Karah Mathiason.

Showing off his goods Rob Esselmont.

The Motomen.

Pride executive director Fatima Amarshi

Partners Nanette Blais and Manda Freyman.

Chris Caldareeli showing off her Pride colours.

Party girl Muffy St. Bernard.

Toronto’s finest officers, from left, Fiona Greenaway, Cathy Stead and Susan Wilson.

Pride supporters Natasha Ihasz-McLeod (l) and Dawn Andru-Wood.

The girls of Pride, from left, Edie Bandell, Andrea Vandenberg, Erin Wall.

Giving out some advice Livaline Ringseisen.

Dyke Marchers Mona (l) and Amy.

Pillow Fight League girls, from left, Laura Tunderinjeezus, Mickey Dismantle, Carmen Monoxide.

The men of Dan Pergintilie (l) and David Silva.

Super tyke Jago Sunday.

Partners Lisa Killam (l) and Jen Radzick .

Street artist Victor Fraser.

This year’s Pride Week more than lived up to it’s Unstoppable! theme. Nothing could derail a week in which the parties and events came thick and fast, encompassing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered celebrations. People showed off their true colours at the True Colours concert; they had a ball at the Pride Gala; and they hit the streets all weekend long in the biggest street party this city has ever seen. Here are just a few of the people that came out over the course of the week to show their pride. Hope to see you next year!

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