Chris McKinnon, 25


My Pride: I’m at Pride to help create some new arts and cultural events — the reading series, the poetry slam and the video project. It’s an amazing opportunity to get involved in a larger way and to help bring some new events they never had before. I’d like to see Pride take on a true arts and

cultural identity.

Pride Moment: I met my current partner at Pride. At the parade I was walking with some friends, he was walking with his friends, and we had friends in common. We had a brief exchange on the street. We meet again after. And we’ve been together ever since.

What makes you Unstoppable: I’m really driven to make Pride an event where there is something for everybody.

Favourite Gay Icon: I’m really a fan of Timothy Findley. He really does it for me.

Number of Prides Attended In Your Lifetime: I moved to Toronto in 2002. That was my first and have been coming ever since.