Shae London, 32

My Pride: It’s about creating a space for youth. As youth coordinator, I’ve been connecting with youth and finding out how we can make Pride better for them. I’ve worked with youth since I was a youth.

Pride Moment: The one thing I’ll never forget is attending my first Dyke March a few years ago. The Dyke March being a barrier-free event, I was able to jump in and jump out. It was my way of being part of Pride, not just a spectator.

Rainbow Color That Stands Out & Why: For me, the Pride flag is just one colour.

What makes you Unstoppable: Here I am, young, female of colour, in Toronto with endless opportunities. The sky’s the limit.

Favourite Gay Icon: I hope to be someone’s favourite icon.

Number of Prides Attended In Your Lifetime: This is going to be my 10th. They’re always different.

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