Ontario will see higher than average temperatures throughout the fall, according to a new seasonal forecast from Environment Canada.

“If there was a headline for this summer, it would be, ‘Summer just won’t end,’ ” said Environment Canada’s Dave Phillips. “What you’re seeing is what you’ll continue to get.

Nature has not paid attention to the calendar and the summer will go on.”

Though these have been the warmest eight months in Toronto’s history, Phillips said a cool 20 C on Saturday and 19 C on Sunday might dampen the spirits of cottagers this Labour Day weekend.

“We will have a taste of fall – a dress rehearsal – this weekend,” Phillips said. “It’s unfortunate that it will be that way on Labour Day because for so many people it is the last hoorah. So we’re going to be pulling out jackets and putting away the muscle shirts and shorts.”

But don’t bury that summer gear in the back of the closet yet — the warm weather is expected to be back again.

“Next week we see sunshine on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures three, four and five degrees warmer that normal, so the good weather will continue.” Phillips said September and October will continue on the same track, with a possibility to stay frost free.