Audi is set to return to a venue synonymous with its past motorsport successes when a “driverless” TTS Coupe quattro tackles the infamous Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the U.S.

The non-competitive “drive” would be 30 years after the German manufacturer’s quattro permanent four-wheel-drive technology first appeared.

The Autonomous Audi TTS Coupé quattro is the direct result of work underway at the Volkswagen Group Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL) — a collaborative effort set up by the Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Laboratory and Stanford University USA to advance car technology.

Currently in the testing phase, the Autonomous Audi TTS quattro is being developed for several still-to-be determined real-world driving challenges in 2010.

The project is not aimed at making motorists, or the thrill of driving, dispensable.

Instead, it is intended to explore the best capabilities of current and future driver assistance technologies to help Audi enhance the experience behind the steering wheel for future driver generations.