An overdue Vancouver Island eaglet hatched yesterday morning live on webcam.

Its two siblings hatched last week as thousands of people watched the nest in Sidney, B.C., online.
For bald eagles it is rare to have three successful hatchlings, according to Karen Bills, spokesperson for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF).

“This is now two years in a row (with three hatchlings) for this eagle couple,” she said.

The Sidney parents first raised their young on camera in 2006. Set up by the non-profit HWF, more than 250,000 people from around the world have flocked to their computer screens to watch the eggs hatch.

At 3:15 yesterday afternoon, the live camera showed one of the parents feeding two of the eaglets. The family appears to be thriving.

Bills added that the youngest eaglet has an unusually strong appetite.

“Typically, the youngest one doesn’t eat for 24 hours, but the newborn eaglet ate today,” she said.
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