University of Alberta alumnus Viera Linderova is undertaking the massive task of cycling 16,000 kilometres across the Americas.

She dismisses the distance, instead choosing to pass the focus onto her group P.E.D.A.L.

(Pollinating Experiences Documenting Action and Learning) Across the Americas and its goals.

“We want to let people know more about bike travel and that it is a feasible alternative,” she says.

While awareness of climate change may be at an all time high, the group believes most people don’t understand that sustainable living is an easily achievable goal.

Their journey began in Guelph, Ont., on July 3 and will wrap up in Costa Rica next summer.

“We originally weren’t going to stop that long in Edmonton, but we are dealing with a knee injury so we are here a little longer than expected,” she says. “The idea was to head across Canada and then south from B.C. to outrun winter. We are a bit behind schedule now.”

The five members of the cycling group operate solely on donations, with all unneeded funds being passed along to charitable organizations.