“This has become a real attraction,” beams Alex Bowron, volunteer for Pedestrian Sundays (P.S.) Kensington, a monthly summer event where Kensington Market’s main streets are sealed off, allowing foot traffic, vendors, creative sorts and cyclists to overtake the community in a casual setting.

“People come from far and wide to be in an area that's car-free for a day,” Bowron says. “Kids can play on the street, musicians come out, artists show their work, restaurants get to extend themselves a bit … it's a great chance for the community to show what it's made of.”

Taking place from noon to 7 p.m. on the last Sunday of every month, P.S. Kensington runs to October.


P.S. Kensington allows an already richly cultured and well-beaten path to become an even greater interactive hub via conversation, exploration, creativity and commerce.

“I really appreciate the effort being made on the part of the organization to help support this vibrant, existing community and showcase what is special and unique about it: The diversity of the businesses and individuals that comprise it,” Bowron says before stressing the incredible ecological aspect that a day of carbon-negative traffic inspires and supports.

From increased air quality and safety to dampened noise pollution, toxins and fossil fuel consumption, P.S. Kensington endeavours to influence positive environmental change within Toronto.

It's a sentiment increasingly echoed as this year finds the concept expanding to include Mirvish Village to the North and Baldwin Village to the East.

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