WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The successful conclusion of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks remains the top legislative item for the United States, a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.


White House National Security Council adviser Christina Segal-Knowles told a news conference ahead of the Sept. 4-5 G20 summit in China that talks on a trade pact with Europe were still in progress, despite comments from France and Germany that they were in doubt.


The Asian talks are stalled in Congress and both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have said they would not approve the deal in its current form, if elected president in November.


Segal-Knowles said corporate tax issues would be on the G20's agenda in China, although when asked whether the European Union's tax ruling on Apple Inc's deal with Ireland would be discussed, she did not directly address the issue facing the company.


(Reporting by David Chance; Editing by Peter Cooney)