The Smiths’ Hotel Collection: Europe and The Smiths’ Hotel Collection: UK and Ireland are available through www.chapters.indigo.cafor $27.72 each.


It’s no secret that the kind of guidebook you choose to pack can have a major impact on the kind of trip you’ll end up having.


There are more than enough good choices out there if you’re travelling at the budget end of the market, but if you have a little more disposable cash, well, your options until now have been largely on the stodgy side. So we’re delighted to see that a new wave of design-conscious guidebooks are now widely available.


Wallpaper City Guides are available through www.chapters.indigo.cafor $10.87 apiece.

The family of Wallpaper City Guides, which launched last year, is growing rapidly this year with the addition of a score of new titles. That series offers up the same opinionated take and strict aesthetic that readers of the global style mag have come to expect — if you don’t like the magazine, it’s doubtful you’ll appreciate the city guides.

And The Smiths’ Hotel Collection guides have just jumped the pond: They, too, are opinionated takes on travel, particularly with respect to boutique hotels and their ilk. Moreover, they’re rather entertaining.