Police Chief Bill Blair has defended the paid duty system in Toronto and will address the issue at the police board meeting Thursday.

Blair, speaking during a recent radio program, slammed the Toronto Star exposé of the police force’s system as “nonsense.”

The probe found highly trained police officers rake in millions of dollars moonlighting as construction site guards, manhole watchers and other jobs that crossing guards or even pylons could do at a fraction of the cost.

In comments made on Newstalk 1010, Blair said paid duty increases the force’s visibility around the city. He also maintains it costs the taxpayer nothing.

“It is a system that puts about 180 police officers on average in uniform out in the community every day, not at the taxpayer’s expense but at private corporations’ expense. And, frankly, those officers are still in uniform. They’re still cops. They’re still available to serve,” Blair said.

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