It looks like even crooks can get ripped off.
When Vancouver police answered a break-and-enter call at a Kitsilano apartment early Wednesday morning, they found the suspects with $500,000 worth of drugs allegedly stolen from drug dealers who rented the apartment.
Const. Tim Fanning said the men now have more than just the courts to worry about.
“This is a very dangerous business,” Fanning said. “You’re talking about ripping off other criminals … so on a street level they are in a lot of trouble.”
Fanning said it looked like the men were robbing a drug store.
“These guys were loaded up with sports bags full of ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine, as well as about $1,200 in cash,” he said.
Pascal Steve Jean Lebel, 29, and Herman Charles Bee, 32, both from Vancouver and known to police, are facing two counts of possession of break-in instruments.
Lebel is also facing three counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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