Zoie Palmer


Zoie Palmer, actress, plays Carly Greig on The Guard, airing on Global:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: I love taking a bubble bath. The more bubbles the better. I use Jo Malone’s bubble bath. It makes me feel fantastic. I just switched to Laura Mercier make-up. The foundation is great. It provides amazing coverage and a natural look.

Q: Describe your style?

A: When I go out I prefer to wear classic pieces that are beautiful and stand the test of time. At home I wear a comfy pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: I walk a lot. I grab my iPod and away I go. I do swim for fun and fitness.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I don’t eat red meat. I love a good salad and I don’t fry much. But on the other hand, I could eat enough chocolate to satisfy a pack of chocolate-eating wolves.

Aubrey Graham

Aubrey Graham, actor, plays Jimmy Brooks on CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation; he’s also a rapper known as Drake:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: I like to be clean. I use face wash and lotion a lot. I have a flat brush to keep my waves going 360. And of course last, but far from least, I use Bulgari Blue cologne for everyday, Gucci for nights and Jean Paul Gaultier is for first dates. I also have a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent that I use only when I’m wearing a suit.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I would say my style is ALF — all things fresh. Some nights I just want to wear sweat pants and some clean Jordans. That’s me in my element.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: It takes time to get to the point where you are immune to little things that shouldn’t bother you, like comments on the Internet or drama within your circle. You have to step back and ask yourself, “Are the people or things I am worrying about even going to be around in a year or two?” It sounds harsh but it’s reality in this fickle business.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: I have an extreme regimen that I’ve committed to three to four times a week: The burn I get from reaching out of my car window to pay for my chicken snack wraps at McDonald’s is unlike any other feeling in the world.


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