Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has come to the defence of British pop star Lily Allen — urging the press to leave the singer alone.

Paltrow knows Allen through the Smile hitmaker’s screenwriter mother, Allison Owen, who worked with the actress on two films — 2003’s Sylvia and Proof in 2005.

And the Iron Man star is adamant the wide media coverage of Allen’s personal life is unfair because the 23-year-old is so young for her age.

Paltrow tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “The way I feel about that is: Shame on you. They’re doing that to a child! Lily is not a woman yet.

“She’ll be OK because she’s a smart girl, and very talented. But this is a big test to get when you’re her age. But in a way, if it makes her go in a good direction, what a blessing. Think about all the crap she’s got out of the way.”

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