What to get the dog that has it all

What do you buy for the dog who has everything? She already has the handcrafted dog tag, the gemstone collar and the designer wardrobe. She eats out of a handmade bowl and her bed is monogrammed. You’ve had her photo made into a blanket or a rug to demonstrate your utter devotion.


Maybe you’ve run out of ideas to make your canine-centric life, or that of a friend’s, more elegant. You’re afraid you’ve done it all.


But it’s the holidays — is there anything left for the dog owner who doesn’t know when to stop? Of course there is! Read on:


ap photo

Feel the Flo shows a Shih Tzu in a Puppoose.

You don’t walk everywhere — that’s why they invented taxis. So why should your dog? Sure, you could put her in a stroller, but that’s old hat, and they’re so unfashionable. You’ve tried the designer doggie purses, but she feels so cramped. What you need is the new Puppoose, at www.feeltheflo.com.

It’s a hand-crocheted carrier for your small dog that you wear slung over your shoulder, holding her in front where she can see the world. Something like a hammock with holes for your pup’s legs, it has a neck cushion for human comfort.

With your dog nicely displayed in the Puppoose, everyone can admire your pooch’s elegant attire. But perhaps it’s a little disappointing that her hairstyle is the same day after day? Get her a dog wig from Ruth Regina of Bay Harbour Islands, Fla., eighth-generation wigmaker to the stars.

ap photo

Wiggles Dog Wigs by Ruth Regina shows a Yorkshire Terrier wearing a wig designed by Regina.

You can see a variety of styles from curls to braids to bouffant, and a range of colours at www.wigglesdogwigs.com.

At home, your precious eats the best in natural, organic, boutique cuisine. But have you neglected to think about the beverage? Sure, there’s always the flavoured vitamin-enriched water bottled especially for dogs. But how about something a little more sophisticated?

Unfortunately, you can’t get doggie wine — yet — but your pup can relax with a nice bottle of nonalcoholic beer from Dog Star Brewing Company, www.beerfordogs.com. Brewed with artesian water and malted barley, flavoured with all-natural beef drippings, and fortified with glucosamine for healthy joints, Happy Tail Ale is sold in a six-pack so there’s enough to share with friends.