The Toronto Star takes a closer look at what’s said on the campaign trail:

Claim: Joe Pantalone said Exhibition Place, under his leadership, has earned the city $9 million in profit.

Background: During a live Q&A with the Star, a reader asked Pantalone how he planned on raising money “as a city-builder to invest in a greater city.”

Pantalone, chair of Exhibition Place’s board of governors, responded: “By growing the wealth and the tax base of our city. Growth creates more tax revenue. By investing in Exhibition Place — AllStream Centre, BMO Field, Liberty Grand — we have turned $9 million in profit for the City of Toronto and its taxpayers. I will do that citywide.”

Throughout the campaign, Pantalone and his supporters have repeatedly highlighted the deputy mayor’s longtime efforts in turning Exhibition Place around from a languishing resource to a profitable enterprise.

The 78-hectare parkland boasts some of the city’s best waterfront real estate, stretching from Strachan Avenue to past Dufferin Street. It also houses several popular attractions, from BMO Field to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Smell test: Including this year’s projected profit of about $1.2 million, Exhibition Place has netted the city about $9 million since 2007, the year BMO Field opened. Could more inspired ideas have raised more? Who knows.

Verdict: Fragrant