The item at the centre of the John Travolta extortion case: A “refusal to transport” document, and are reporting, reports.

According to, the document detailed how “John Travolta told EMT workers he wanted to fly his son to Florida rather than drive by ambulance to the hospital ... which was 45 minutes away” in the Bahamas, where Jett, 16, died of a seizure disorder Jan. 2.

Paramedic Tarino Lightbourne was charged Monday with conspiracy to commit extortion and attempted extortion for allegedly demanding $25 million US to keep the document private. (As TMZ points out, it is unclear why Lightbourne thought the document was worth $25 million, as it was irrelevant to Jett’s death.)

Former Bahamian senator Pleasant Bridgewater, who is also accused of trying to extort money from the Travolta family, said she plans to fight “untrue and unfair charges” against her. reports police also had detained former tourism minister — and longtime Travolta family friend — Obie Wilchcombe, but he “has not been charged,” Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest told “He was not arrested; he was questioned on Friday.”