Aaron Harris/Torstar News Service


Sean the Leprechaun has a spring in his step during yesterday’s 21st annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Yonge Street.

On St. Patrick’s Day, some people wear their Irish heritage on their sleeve. Yesterday, Sigrid McConnell wore hers on her behind.

"Pog mo thon" is what it said. "That’s Gaelic for kiss my derrière," McConnell shouted with glee to passersby as she pulled down her tricolour Irish flag shorts.

It wasn’t really her derrière, but one of those novelty, foam rubber ones with the phrase written in bright red. Decked out in green tights and a green cowboy hat and scarf, there was no mistaking her purpose yesterday on the Durham Irish Association float.

Toronto crowds donned shamrocks and green top hats as the 21st annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade rolled through the downtown streets. In the parade, all were welcome — marching bands, a steel pan band, and even the people handing out free samples of Irish Spring soap.

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