Calgary resident Mark Clarke arrived home from vacation to an unpleasant holiday surprise last weekend.

He says three boxes sent via Canada Post containing Christmas presents from family members in the Maritimes were left on the doorstep of his Royal Oak home. Clarke said the boxes were in plain view from the street and the total value of the gifts inside was more than $300
“There is a small walk up the side, but nonetheless anyone walking by could have seen three packages sitting there,” he said.

Clarke said he found a thin layer of snow between two of the packages, leading him to believe a mail carrier had visited the house on more than one occasion.

Canada Post spokesperson Teresa Williams said carriers use their own discretion when delivering packages and are more likely to leave them in areas where theft is uncommon.

“If it cannot be seen from the street, it might be OK on a front porch,” she said.

Clarke called Canada Post’s rationale of the situation illogical and was unsure of whether he would rely on the organization for shipping in the future.

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