The parents of an international student from India who went missing in Surrey made an emotional plea Thursday for anyone with information about their son to come forward.

Jaishri and Shamba Sharma scraped together enough money to fly to Vancouver to meet with police, hoping renewed interest and a $10,000 reward will garner new information about the disappearance of their son, Sahil Sharma.

The 20-year-old Kwantlen College student vanished after leaving campus Nov. 13 and hasn’t been heard from since. He’d been living with family in Surrey for two years.

Speaking through an interpreter, Sharma’s parents said they’d take “no action” against anyone who came forward with information, adding they just want their son back.

Sharma’s father Shamba said he’s in “deep sorrow” not knowing what happened to his son.

His wife Jaishri said it’s been helpful to meet face-to-face with the officers investigating the case, but it’s painful to feel no closer to her son.

“It was hard for them to be in India so far away,” said family friend Patty Sahota, who was interpreting for the Sharmas.

“In their hearts they have to believe he’s fine somewhere,” she said.

“This is probably one of the most terrible things for any parent to experience,” said RCMP Sgt. Roger Morrow. “Their son has simply vanished.

“We’re left shaking our heads as to what’s happened to this fellow … We’d like to bring some closure to (the family).”