Delivering her baby in the front of an F-150 on the side of the road is not exactly what Kelsey Brockway had in mind when she said she wanted a natural birth.

Last Tuesday, Brockway woke her husband Scott up at 4:30 a.m. in their Airdrie home, telling him that she thought their first-born might be coming, but by the time they made it to Country Hills Boulevard, it was too late.

Scott, who was driving, found a place to pull over as he took delivery instructions from David MacGregor from 911 dispatch.

“Babies come whether you want them to or not,” said Stuart Brideaux of Calgary EMS.

And Noah Scott did exactly that, coming just over two weeks early and weighing in at four lbs., 11 oz., arriving in his mother’s arms at around 5:55 a.m. He was wrapped in mommy’s housecoat and extra clothes to keep warm, and EMS arrived minutes later to assume care of mother and baby.

His dad looks back on it as a cool experience, but, “At the time, I was frightened,” he said.

He attributed the smooth proceedings to MacGregor’s help and the prompt response by EMS.

“It was definitely a good feeling at the end of the call,” said MacGregor.

Though the pain was excruciating, Kelsey said it was a fairly easy delivery, and that she hopes that when they have a second child, it’s a similar experience — “but in a hospital.”

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