A Dartmouth mom says she’s had too many close calls at a marked and lit crosswalk.

“I’ve been in the crosswalk and the car actually hit the back of my leg as I’m standing at the crosswalk as the kids are going through,” said Heidi Chace.

“Enough is enough.”


She wants a crossing guard installed at the crosswalk across from the McDonald’s on Nantucket Avenue. She walks her kids to the Bicentennial school everyday because of the dangerous crossing.

“My kids are 10 and 11 [years old]. Why should I have to walk them back and forth to school? C’mon they don’t want me holding their hands and walking them to school.”

She said several other children will only cross with a parent like Chace because they’re too afraid to cross the multi-lane street.

“The cars shoot through there and they don’t even care. I’ve been standing in the crosswalk and they go through the crosswalk as I’m standing there with the kids.”

Parents were told the HRM won’t employ crossing guards there because there isn’t enough traffic. Albro Lake-Harbourview Coun. Jim Smith and HRM staff did not return messages yesterday.

“I wish for just one day someone would just sit up there with a camera in the McDonald’s parking lot and watch the [cars] go through as the kids are in the crosswalk.”

Chace said she’s talked to at least 10 other concerned parents about this issue.

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