One day after a young Toronto woman succumbed to injuries sustained during a brutal coyote attack, park staff are continuing to hunt for one of two coyotes involved in the mauling.


Taylor Mitchell, 19, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter was hiking
alone Tuesday afternoon when she was attacked by a pair of coyotes. She
died in hospital early Wednesday morning.


Carcasses of dead animals were put out near Skyline Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park Thursday in an attempt to lure coyotes.


A park warden was onsite to keep the public away from the trail and four resource conservation officers walked about with guns as they attempted to find any coyotes acting strangely.

“They’re observing animal behaviour, just seeing what other coyotes are in the area,” said Chip Bird, field unit superintendent for Parks Canada. “We have shot one of the coyotes that were involved, or that we think was involved, and so they’re still searching for other animals.”

After finding the body of the blasted coyote which crawled away and later died, it was sent to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island for examination. According to the Department of Natural Resources, to date there have been no reported cases of rabies in coyotes in Nova Scotia. However, coyotes can carry canine heartworm, tapeworm, distemper and mange.

Bird said he has received reports the second coyote in the pack has been shot, but officials have yet to retrieve its body. Traps were also set out following the attack, but no other coyotes have been captured.

“You’d have to appreciate this is a very shy, very smart animal and it’s not easy to trap them,” he said.

Parks officials are working with RCMP to investigate of the attack and are sending condolences to Mitchell's family.