A planned debate on the pull back of Calgary downtown parking rates hit a brick wall Monday morning at council, as the issue didn’t even make it on to the agenda.

Ald. Rick McIver brought the issue forward as a matter of urgent business early Monday morning – but Mayor Dave Bronconnier quickly pointed out a procedural matter – forcing 10 votes necessary to bring the issue back after the increase in parking rates had been approved by council last year.

As of Jan. 1, hourly rates in the downtown increased by 25 per cent, going from $4 to $5, while parkades jumped from $6 to $6.50.


Since council approved this increase last year, it would have needed 10 votes in council Monday before the issue could be opened for reconsideration and debate.

It was defeated after only garnering nine of the 10 necessary votes to include it on the agenda.

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