The city’s ParkPlus program was touted as a way to increase spaces and make parking payments easier — but it appears the system may be hitting the pocketbook of city delivery services a little harder.

Ald. Ray Jones isn’t pleased with the parking situation.

“I’m not happy with it at all. I’d actually like to see more parkades, because our parking downtown is so inadequate,” Jones said. “I know we want to encourage people to use transit, but that isn’t always an option for everyone.”

Jones said unless people are willing to pay $30 a day to park, there isn’t enough short- or long-term parking options, and he believes small, mobile companies like paper shredders and couriers are suffering the most.

“There is pretty much zero tolerance for parking,” he pointed out.

Mission Possible Delivery Services owner Sam Casselman agrees, adding her business has suffered at the hands of ParkPlus.

“I have drivers who refuse to go downtown, and some quit because the money they make isn’t worth the costs associated with trying to find parking,” she added.

Casselman said some drivers are given $40 tickets several times a month for running quick deliveries, a problem she didn’t have under the old system.

“The tickets are instant — no ifs, ands or buts about it. There aren’t enough loading zones in the city, that’s the problem.”

Casselman said in an ideal world, mobile services would be exempt from fines for doing their job.

While Calgary Parking Authority didn’t return repeated calls for comment, an Edmonton transportation spokesperson said there are no special privileges for courier drivers.

“If they park, they pay. They have to plug the meter just like everyone else, even if it’s a quick delivery,” Ben Mittelsteadt said.

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