To see the talent from across the country, one only needs to visit the Canada Day stage on Parliament Hill.

“As with every year, the challenge is to have a good mix of the different musical formats to please everyone and to have a robust representation of all regions, all provinces, all territories and cultural backgrounds of our country,” said National Capital Commission spokesman Guy Laflamme.

The Barenaked Ladies, who recently released a new album, are the headliners this year, as are top Quebec singers Isabelle Boulay and Marjo, who have “very successful international careers,” and Johnny Reid.

Other performers include the Campbell Brothers, Jean-Francois Breau and Cadence Weapon.

Canada Day also features up-and-coming stars, Laflamme said.

Andrea Lindsay, for example, “is going to be a future top international star,” he said. “That’s the beauty of Canada Day. We get the best of Canadian artists to perform but use it as a springboard for up-and-coming Canadian artists.”

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