PHOTOS: Partial solar eclipse seen from New York City to Kenya

It wasn't a total eclipse of the heart, but the partial eclipse seen around the world was a pretty sight.

Did you catch it? Early birds who didn't help themselves to an extra hour of sleep this morning were treated to an awesome sight: the partial eclipse of the sun.


Though the astronomical event only lasted half an hour, people all over the East Coast were able to see it around 6:30 a.m.


People in Europe and Africa were also able to see the eclipse, which was a rare "hybrid" eclipse, reports USA Today. That means some parts of the world, including the American East Coast, saw an "annular" eclipse, in which the circumference of the moon does not completely cover the sun, creating a "ring of fire" effect. Meanwhile, people in central Africa got to see a "total" eclipse, in which the moon completely blocks the sun.

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